Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mull It!

Mulled beverages help to take the chill off, which is why they are my beverage of choice during the colder winter months. This is a simple and uncomplicated recipe developed several years ago when I couldn’t find one I liked. Every recipe was over spiced, required too much additional sugar and/or brandy or some other alcoholic beverage. They did not appeal!

Notes: Expensive wine is not required here, jug wine does the job quite nicely. If you prefer a sweeter mulled wine, add a tablespoon or two of sugar. A jigger or two of Napoleon brandy adds a nice kick, if that appeals. We entertain in numbers, fewer than twelve is uncommon, so this recipe is formulated for a gallon, but the quantity can be adjusted to suit your needs. Any unconsumed wine can be poured back into the bottle and consumed later or used in cooking.

Mulled Wine

1 gallon Burgundy

1/4 whole almonds

½ c. raisins

2 cinnamon sticks

1 orange

Whole cloves

2 dried figs

1 c orange juice

About one hour before serving, pour the Burgundy into a non-reactive pot. Place the almonds and raisins in an infuser or tie in a piece of cheesecloth and drop into the wine. Add the cinnamon sticks, figs and orange juice. Cut four thick slices off the orange, and stud the rind of each with 5 cloves. Add them to the pot. Turn the burner to low and gently heat the wine. Do not allow to boil. When heated through, remove the spices, ladle into mugs or heat-proof glasses and serve.

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